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We asked a local expert to share her tips for the best restaurants in Seattle and her favorite restaurants in the city. To answer your questions about where you eat In Seattle, we asked local experts Laura Lynch of Savored Journeys and Saved Sips to give tips on good food in and around Seattle.

Neon tacos are the stuff of legends, and their fried chicken, tacos, burgers and other dishes could be their best restaurant yet.

Even better, you can enjoy all these offers in the comfort of your own home, in a comfortable dining room or even in your car. This Seattle restaurant serves a wide range of dishes, from burgers and chips to burgers, tacos and other dishes.

The location of the Lecosho Harbor Steps allows guests to dine outdoors without the noise of the city center. There is a spacious courtyard with large windows that open out into the warm summer air, and the dark wood décor of the restaurant feels cozy in the rainy months. Take your meals to the picturesque courtyard where you can enjoy the sun that can shine through the covered heating of the courtyard - which is equipped with heaters.

Mexican cuisine of which the locals can not get enough and an end is not in sight, with a plethora of options to choose from. We hope you enjoyed categorizing the best restaurants in Seattle by genre, so next time you're eating your way through the Emerald City, you won't miss a beat. Here are some of our favorite restaurants in Seattle Washington, including the city's most popular restaurants, as well as some great local favorites.

There are so many restaurants in Seattle, so much to choose from, and no list of the best restaurants in Seattle would be complete without a few of our favorite restaurants in Seattle Washington. From the most popular restaurants in the city to the most underrated restaurants, everything is presented in great detail.

Located on Pike Place overlooking the market and Puget Sound, Steelhead Diner offers a wide range of dishes from breakfast to lunch and dinner to dinner. This narrow Capitol Hill shop opened in 2009, meaning you can indulge in sausages and gravy, poached eggs or even breakfast sandwiches. The restaurant also serves Northwest-inspired breakfast dishes such as the Greek, which is typical of the restaurant's breakfast sandwich. American lunch or dinner in the heart of Pike Place Market, they can't say no and serve new American lunch and dinner.

Seattle isn't exactly the place you'd expect the perfect brunch in the South, but Wandering Goose has done it. Take your friends and family out of the house to this West Seattle favorite and you'll be convinced that Pestle Rock is one of the best restaurants in Seattle. I'm not exaggerating , this place, like any good restaurant in Seattle, will change the way you brunch. Korean dishes such as kimchi - fried rice, panko - grilled fish and chips, washed with tamarind soda or whatever your appetite allows.

Seattle is synonymous with fresh seafood, and RockCreek is one of the best restaurants in town with a seafood-friendly menu. From the orange location to the casual atmosphere, my favorite is Alki Beach, where proximity to the shore creates a casual flair that matches the seafood-friendly menu as well as the good food.

The Cafe Campagne is rigorous and impeccably prepared, serving French classics in a Parisian-style brasserie conveniently located between Postgasse and Pike Place Market. You will want to look around for the newly designed Ivar's Acres with its expanded dining room and outdoor courtyard. I var is one of the best restaurants in Seattle with a great menu, great service and great food. Beneath the quaint romantic trattoria, which serves delicious Italian standards with a view, is a small but charming restaurant with a varied menu and charming atmosphere.

Empire has expanded to 10 locations in Seattle with the opening of MOD, a modern, sustainable sandwich store that is opening its first location in Fremont. Starting in 2008 with a location on Sixth Avenue in downtown Scott and Ally Svenson, who had previously founded Seattle Coffee Company, MOD has now expanded as a franchise company nationwide and plans 10 locations in the Seattle area.

If you want to have your burger repaired in Seattle, start with Red Robin, one of the most popular national chains that come from Seattle, isbebe RedRobin.

The Mexican steakhouse, which opened last year at the old Taco Bell on Fremont Street, revolves around the carne asada. The restaurant has moved from a tiny fraction of its Wallingford location to a larger space in Fremont.

Pho is a staple of the Seattle diet, and while there are places that specialize in Vietnamese noodle soup, the Ba Bar offers the most variety. The burger at Ballard's cocktail bar in Essex is not going to go through good fare, but that's not good. This family - opened in the same year Not far from here Kurt Cobain recorded his first demo.

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