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Welcome to Homewood Suites Extended Stay Hotels in Seattle, Washington, the first of its kind in the United States. This Jacksonville, Florida hotel offers spacious suites with a full-service restaurant, bar, gym, spa and spa. In addition to spacious suites and amenities, guests at HomewsoodSuites will also find a variety of amenities including a private pool, exercise facility, pool terrace, outdoor pool and outdoor terrace. Metro Extended - Stay hotels offer a wide range of long-stay options in Washington State, including a number of hotel rooms and suites, as well as an extensive list of restaurants, bars and restaurants.

Find the best affordable weekly rentals on Yelp and see for yourself how they have now opened their first Seattle Extended - Stay hotel in the city.

Extended - Stay at a Seattle, Washington hotel with a full-service restaurant, bar and lounge, as well as a variety of other amenities and services.

This 3-star hotel offers quality accommodations at a lower price for the perfect budget - friendly Nashville vacation. This is considered the best budget hotel in Dallas that allows you to save money without sacrificing comfort.

The fact that this hotel is located in one of the most popular 3-star hotels in Seattle, Washington, has the advantage of being in its current location no matter where you are.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Inland Suites Extended Stay Hotels has exactly what you need, and at an affordable price. re in Baton Rouge for work or play, the hotel reception is always ready to give you recommendations for what to see and do in the area. Fayetteville, NC, offers well-appointed suites with a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness center, pool and spa services. MoreHotels4Less helps you find the best deals for your stay, whether you book a hotel in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco or anywhere in between.

The Siegel Suites Select Convention Center offers convenient amenities and services at an affordable price to business, leisure and convention visitors.

Homewood Suites is the only hotel rewards program that offers points, miles and blackout dates. The clean and comfortable suites offer all the basic amenities you need to feel at home. We offer a variety of options for longer stays from one - nights to two - days and more.

Many hotels in the Baton Rouge area offer accommodations for longer stays of one - night to two - days. Here's how much the cost of living and What it's like living in a motel: Here is a list of hotels that offer a variety of options for longer stays, longer stays and even blackout dates for points and miles.

Weekly rates in the United States start at $67, with prices typically close to $73. Extended - Stay properties are located in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New Orleans. The weekly rate for a Washington hotel starts at about $60 and is available for extended stays of up to two nights, while rates are usually closer to $109. Houston hotels with weekly newspapers have a business center for guests, and rates start at about $49. A weekly Arizona hotel rate is also available at a rate that is usually close - to - $80. Hotel with weekdays in Seattle, Washington: Rates for Washington hotels are still available, though the rate is usually closer to $79.

The average price for a two-night stay in a weekday hotel in Seattle, Washington, is $118,207, compared with an average of about $117,000 for a longer stay of up to two nights.

For a complete list of WoodSpring Suites, please visit the Seattle Washington Homewood Suites, Seattle, Washington and Everett Washington Suites. The suites for a longer stay offer accommodation with the comforts of home, such as simple Wi-Fi, air conditioning, hot water and electricity. Seattle - Everett is home to more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in the Puget Sound region with a population of about 1.5 million people.

With apartment-style guest rooms, you'll feel right at home when you travel to Atlanta, GA. With a wide selection of short-term residential properties in Atlanta, you have no problem finding a location that suits your needs in this large city.

Opened in 1929 as the Governor Clinton Hotel, the sprawling Affinia Manhattan is a convenient base for a longer stay. The 618 white-and-grey guest rooms have recently been handed over to the casual - and find the perfect place for you. Check out the cheapest hotels in Winter Haven, but the best option is in the Queens' Astoria neighborhood.

The Austin Motor Inn, located north of Austin, has been doing well in recent years. Pike St. can be a great place to rent a car at Seattle airport for an average of $72 a day. Seattle - Tacoma Intl. will give you a free round-trip ticket to Seattle from Tacoma International Airport for $1,500.

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