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We asked local experts to share their thoughts on some of the best restaurants in Seattle, Washington and the city's food scene.

To answer questions about where to eat in Seattle, we asked local expert Laura Lynch of Savored Journeys and Savoured Sips to give tips on the best food in Seattle. Northwest Harvest has a phone number at 206-625-0755 and a Facebook page with more information about the restaurant and its menu.

We serve our favorite pork banh blends in town, which is perfect if you need a lunch delivery service in Seattle.

All of the above foods will delight foodies with the best Seattle has to offer. ll find a wide selection of restaurants in Seattle serving everything from seafood to burgers, sandwiches and more in one place. If you've ever tasted some kind of seafood while in Seattle, make sure it's salmon.

Bounty Kitchen serves one of the best brunches in Seattle and is also on our list of the best healthy restaurants in Seattle. We # ve included an inexpensive meal, a self-guided Seattle Food Tour and more in our Seattle Food Guide.

Paseo is a Seattle favorite, serving authentic Caribbean sandwiches that make your mouth water. One of the latest creations to be enjoyed by Chef Stacks is the food truck itself, which makes it easy to find it in downtown Seattle at any time of day or night. Hallava Falafel, another Seattle food truck, is so popular that it also has a brick and mortar location in Georgetown.

Athenian serves delicious food and beverages to locals and visitors at its downtown Seattle restaurant and bar.

Forget the best of Seattle, Seattle's production is hard to beat, especially with its well-known hipster status. Add to that the abundance of microbreweries and we're known for Rainier cherries, so don't forget.

The center operates with a large food supply and provides a Seattle Food Committee staffed by volunteers from Seattle Community Food Center and Seattle Public Schools. The Advisory Committee on Food Aid also provides guidance and assistance in the development of new programmes. In addition to free food and groceries, the center also offers clothing banks and hosts events such as Seattle Fashion Week.

Ahead of the summit, Food Tank unveiled 34 organizations to look out for in Seattle, Washington. If you are in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other countries, you can arrive directly at this address for more information.

If you want something from a particular Seattle restaurant, you can search the Food Tank website to see if it's available in your area of interest.

Toshi Kasahara opened the first Toshi Teriyaki in Lower Queen Anne in 1976, and it's a specialty in many restaurants in the city. It is a Seattle specialty popularized by Toshihiro Kasahara before John Chung popularized the classic in Korean. Like Pho, teriyakis are a Seattle comfort food, but they are popular in Seattle. Pho is omnipresent in this city; every bowl of Phos you get in Seattle is prepared in the streets of Hanoi.

As a thriving port city, Seattle has long welcomed people from across the country and even around the world who bring their own food traditions to the Emerald City. Malaysian - Dishes such as kimchi, tahini, sambal, ketchup, chorizo, jalapeno, bak koyu, pak choi and more.

To really taste Seattle, visitors must find their way to one of the city's many cafes and restaurants. If you prefer a smaller cafe, you can visit a Starbucks or a local brewery to sample the drinks Seattle is known for. Although Seattle does not have a Starbucks, there are a number of coffee shops and a variety of coffee shops scattered across the Seattle area.

The Seattle Biscuit Company leads the field, led by a Mississippi and Georgia couple who have teamed up to give Washington their own take on the classic biscuits and sauces.

The precious mushrooms are sautéed with a little cream, garlic and shallots and poured over spruce on grilled sourdough bread, which soaks up the spicy juices. This is a famous snack to try when you're at Pike Place Market in Seattle, steamed or baked.

Ezell's fried chicken is so good that Oprah reportedly flew it from Seattle to Chicago to visit him last year.

The bongos have a cult following, and no list of what Seattle is known for would be complete without mentioning the space needle. There are many reasons why Zagat rates Seattle's food scene as the second best in the US after New York City. Indian food provides the best food in Seattle, and it gets better the longer it sits.

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