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While we're drinking our way through the rest of the week, West Seattle is spending the last 30 days in a row, and Friday is Seattle's famous polar bear dive. While the polar bears are hidden all over West Seattle, people can donate to the West - Seattle Food Bank at the same time.

Seattle Great Wheel is located at Pier 57 and is open Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is located on the west side of Westlake Mall, at the corner of 3rd Avenue and South Lake Union. You can also take the monorail from WestLake Mall to downtown Seattle or the subway lines 3, 4 and 82. It used to be located at what is now Seattle Center, but now it is located in a new location in the heart of West Seattle, near the intersection of 4th Ave and Eastlake Boulevard.

If you're looking for something better or more interesting, you can visit the Seattle Museum of Natural History or the Washington State Museum. If you take the free shuttle bus to the Admiral or Alaska Junction area for groceries and snacks, the Boltbus station is also here. Once in West Seattle, you can catch the express bus that will take you from Portland, Oregon, to Vancouver, Canada. Or, if you happen to be taking the express bus to Portland Oregon or Vancouver Canada, hop on at the Port of Seattle.

Go out for dinner, watch a show at a theater at Seattle Center, grab a quick bite at the Arsenal, visit the Seattle Museum of Natural History or the Washington State Museum, or go out for dinner and enjoy the glittering lights of the annual Fourth of July celebration, which is practically held on the Seattle Center grounds. There are many exciting and fun things to do with your friends, and all are held at the Washington State Convention Center in February.

This Seattle meal is served in the Atrium Kitchen of Pike Place Market and can be combined with a chef-led market visit. You will be provided with all the basics of food, wine, beer, cocktails and more, as well as some great food and drinks. At the northern end of the market, you'll find art and crafts merchants, but here you'll find some cool shops where you can find some of your favorite Seattle souvenirs - crafted, proudly stamped Seattle souvenirs. Here you can get your "Seattle" souvenir and shop in a cool store where we all proudly display our Seattle stamps on the walls.

The mother of all Seattle music festivals, this three-day festival of music and art brings an amazing array of musical talent to the city. It takes place in the heart of Pike Place Market, a short drive from downtown Seattle, and it's one of the most popular events in Seattle's music scene, but there's so much more. Events where this destination hosts some outstanding festivals and events that could coincide with your holiday. This is a great day with friends, family, friends of friends or just for a day of fun and entertainment.

New Year's Day happens to be one of those days when you don't need a Discovery Pass to visit a Washington State park. It is a great day for a day of hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hiking and more, and it is free.

This long weekend of music takes place in Seattle's hip Hood, and you can take the light rail from the University of Washington to the King County Courthouse for free. Also on the campus of the University of Seattle is the recently renovated Burke Museum, which hosts the Seattle Children's Literature Conference, where you can learn about children's literature. This is a great day for hiking, camping, fishing, hiking and hiking in Washington State parks.

If you plan to connect your trip to the pin with sunset, Seattle will appear at the end of the day. This tour starts several times a day on the water of Seattle and shows you the beautiful water skyline of Seattle. The entrance to the Puget Sound Tank is a great place for a quick walk along the waterfront overlooking Seattle's waterfront. Returning to Coleman Dock in Seattle, you will see the city sparkle as the day turns to night and the skyscrapers glow.

If you want a rain jacket or umbrella for the tour on a wet day that can be in Seattle season, you can go to the Seattle Aquarium. The Seattle Center is easily accessible by bus or cable car, and parking is available in many nearby valet parking lots. Parking at the Space Needle and Chihuly Museum together can still be a challenge, but you save money by buying a combined ticket for both with your Seattle City Pass promotion including museum. Located in the heart of Seattle's tourist waterfront district, the Aqu Aquarium is a great place for a short walk along the waterfront overlooking Lake Washington, Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean.

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