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The Pacific Northwest has a long history with one of the most diverse and diverse cultures in the United States, with many different ethnic groups and cultures.

Whether you're collecting art or just enjoying it, discover what Seattle has to offer. Festival Directory for the Northwest is a comprehensive guide to all the art galleries and galleries in Pacific Northwest Seattle. You will find a wealth of art resources here, including exhibited works, upcoming exhibitions and places where you can find art services. This Seattle Art Gallery and Gallery Guide offers a wide range of galleries, museums, art fairs, exhibitions and more.

For navigation, the art gallery guides above are a good starting point where you can find the best starting points. For information on Seattle art walks, click here for a list of the city's most popular and popular events, as well as links to more information about each event. These monthly art walks are sponsored by participating venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Seattle Public Library and Seattle Art Museum.

This festival is organized by the Seattle - Gdynia Sister City Association and awarded to the best artists in the city of Seattle and other local artists. Arts West is responsible for promoting art throughout the Seattle area and provides a platform for new and established Seattle artists, artists from around the world and local artisans. This gallery shows underrepresented art and includes non-profit organizations and contemporary art. The gallery features works by artists such as David Hockenberry, David Duchovny, Robert Rauschenberg and more, as well as galleries such as 4Cultures, which present under - represented art.

The Seattle Aquarium is located on the Elliott Bay Waterfront and houses several museums and cultural institutions in Seattle that are not specifically art museums. The Woodland Park Zoo, located on Phinney Ridge in north Seattle, also has an excellent art collection, as does the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, which has excellent collections of Native American art.

The Hedreen Gallery is also home to the Seattle Museum of Natural History and Culture's art gallery. The gallery, which is located on the Seattle Center campus and shares a common entrance with the Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Washington, focuses on late 19th and early 20th century art as well as contemporary art.

Seattle has many galleries and studios centralized in one neighborhood, Pioneer Square, and many of them are often close to several art trails that are often assembled. Other times the art gallery and the studio are open to the public. The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) houses a variety of art galleries, studios and other art spaces. TKbe in Seattle has a large collection of works by local artists, as well as some of the city's most famous artists.

I encourage the Seattle arts community to see it on the first Thursday and every other day of the month. Check out the TKbe up online, which is open all year round, and art collectors, art travelers and artists will find it very useful.

The Artist's Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting artists from Washington State who work in all creative disciplines. We are looking for someone in Seattle who has the eye and ear for what is happening in the city. I want to make Seattle a better place for artists, writers, photographers, musicians and artists in general.

The new museum opened in late 1991 as the Seattle Art Museum and served as a catalyst for the progressive revitalization of downtown Seattle. In 1994, the original museum building in Volunteer Park was renovated and reopened as the Museum of Asian Art in Seattle. This is a living history museum, filled with artifacts and objects that tell the story of the Chinese immigrants who began to come to China in the 1850s and the diverse community that thrives here today. Located on Occidental Mall in historic Pioneer Square, the gallery houses the largest contemporary art collection in Washington State at the time of its opening.

The Robert Venturi-designed building was later expanded by Portland's Allied Works Architecture. In 2012, the Seattle Art Museum opened in downtown with an elegant contemporary design that opened the city's museum and combined street life with museum life.

This nine-acre waterfront sculpture park served as an industrial fuel storage facility for several decades before becoming the largest green space in downtown Seattle. Today, it is fully redeveloped with an ecosystem of native plants and sustainable design and currently houses the Seattle Art Museum and the Pacific Northwest Museum of Natural History, as well as an outdoor amphitheater. It survived the Yukon gold rush that brought Seattle new wealth in the late decades by booking New York - modelled on Klaw Erlanger's K & E - and making them act as a selection team.

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