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Small Retailers Upbeat About 4Q But Tariffs Make Some Uneasy

National and Regional

NEW YORK (AP) - Sales are so strong at women's clothing company Leota that owner Sarah Carson is asking manufacturers for more inventory for the holidays, a change from last year.Leota, which sells dr...

Syrians Brace As Decisive Battle For Idlib Looms


BEIRUT (AP) - Syrian opposition fighters blew up bridges Friday and dug trenches around their bases to impede an anticipated ground offensive on their last major stronghold in the country. They also c...

Low-Income Minority Community Debates Phoenix Rail Extension

National and Regional

PHOENIX (AP) - The defiant message hangs under the Mexican bakery's Spanish-language sign in Phoenix's poorest neighborhood, rejecting the city's idea of progress: "4 LANES OR NO TRAIN."Similar placar...

Ohio Daybook


Associated Press Ohio Daybook for Friday, Jul. 13.The daybook is for planning purposes only and is not intended for publication or broadcast. You should verify any event you plan to cover.Please keep...

As More Minnesota Muslims Seek Office, Some Face A Backlash

National and Regional

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Two months ago, Fardousa Jama did something no other Muslim woman in south-central Minnesota has done: She filed to run for a city council seat in Mankato.Then on the Fourth of July...

Older Workers Still Punch Clock For Many Different Reasons

National and Regional

PITTSBURGH (AP) - At 86 years old, Bill Priatko jump-starts every workday with a vigorous three-mile walk and 155 Marine-style pushups, getting energized for another five-hour shift working the soda f...

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