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Dick's Drive-in: Burgers, fries and no-frills

It's midnight and all you want is a burger.

Not just any burger, but a burger with shredded lettuce, mayo, maybe some pickle relish. And fries. Greasy, salty fries. And...a milkshake. A real milkshake, made of ice cream.

If you're in Seattle and near a Dick's Drive-in, then you're in luck.

The first Dick's opened in 1954, and best anyone can tell, not much has changed. There are four more locations, and the prices may have gone up (although a measly $2.50 for a Deluxe Burger with all the works feels like a throwback to a simpler time). The décor is retro orange, and the iconic Dick's sign is recognizable from blocks away.

Cheap, good, with few frills, Dick's is where you can satisfy your need for grease into the wee hours. And when we say grease, we mean grease. Don't go counting calories or fat grams — your head will explode.

The Broadway location is, like most locations, not a true drive-in. It's a walk-up window where you place your order with a friendly teenager (friendly, because a gig at Dick's is one of the better paying fast food jobs in the area). Keep in mind that there are a few rules at Dick's: it's cash only, they don't take special requests (they mean it) and there isn't a place to sit. There's a covered stand-up "bar" where you can wolf down your food, but better to take your bag home or someplace more comfortable to enjoy. If you want sides of catsup, mustard or tartar sauce, it's an extra nickel per container. And lastly, the later it gets, the more numerous the drunks will become with whom you will share the queue.

But if you want to taste a Seattle classic or if it's just too late to find a healthy option, you can't beat Dick's Drive-in.

Posted on August 10, 2010 by Caren Gussoff Sumption
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