Polar Bar

6 star rating
700 Third Ave
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 340-0340


  • Seattle's Best Kept Secret
    I love this place! It makes me feel like a movie star from the 1920's. The decor is absolutely beautiful; everything is ornate, lush and true to the history of the building (dates back to the early 1900's). It has that classic sex-appeal…
    Courtesy of : Judy's Book written by holly p. on 04/20/2011.
  • Polar Bar - Warm and Roomy
    The Polar Bar at Seattle's Arctic Club Hotel offers elegant cocktail service in a great big living room environment. The bar features green "Northern" lights effects which lend a lovely ambiance and the staff is helpful and knowledgeable.…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by Marcy Salo on 04/05/2010.
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