Calamity Jane's

8 star rating
5701 Airport Way S
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 763-3040


  • Great for kids!
    We love going to Calamity Jane's for dinner (or lunch or brunch). It's the perfect antidote to the madness of Costco or complement to some little digg...
    Courtesy of : KidScore written by j n. on 02/20/2013.
  • Avoid if you can...or maybe we just got them on a bad day
    Sorry.....but we had to leave hungry w/out being fed after waiting an hour for egg omelets. One thing after the other.....having to get our own menus, ask for water, running out of coffee....other people served before us that had arrived…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by esmereldo on 08/21/2011.
  • great food, aggressively unhip
    This is a quiet, clean bar and restaurant with friendly folks inside. It looks like everyone at the bar either knows you or would if you wanted them to. The food is outstanding. The lamb is a great full plate choice and the Shepherd's…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by KillerRabbit on 09/28/2010.