TAT'S Delicatessen

10 star rating
159 Yesler Way
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 264-8287


  • Get the Tatstrami. The cheesesteak is fine and all, but I've had everything on the menu and I keep going back to the Tatstrami - no coleslaw with extra meat is my favorite, even though it hurts the wallet.\r \r Do be prepared to wait in…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by cwfood on 03/21/2013.
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  • Best Cheese steak outside of Philly or NY
    Greasy but good, had to wait 10 minutes just to order but it was worth the wait. This isn't a kid friendly place, best to grab it to go.
    Courtesy of : Judy's Book written by Amy M. on 01/02/2012.
  • Best Philly Cheese Steak in Seattle
    They have great sandwiches and cheese steaks. This place would do good back east in Philly or NY so having it in Seattle is a blessing. It does get crowded at lunch hour, and not a great atmosphere to sit in and eat. Get it to go and…
    Courtesy of : Judy's Book written by Jenny J. on 12/22/2011.