Ace Hotel (the)

10 star rating
2423 First Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 237-0754


  • This is the hipster spot to stay in Seattle. While you aren't in the middle of "tourist" attractions you are in the middle of Belltown where there are
    Courtesy of : Gogobot written by Kayko on 05/13/2013.
  • 4.5 Got the room with the wood wall and skinny mirror that goes from the front door to the window, which is like 30 feet? This was long skinny room
    Courtesy of : Gogobot written by Aaron Ikezawa on 03/01/2012.
  • This place is tough to describe – almost like an artsy, slightly more lux hostel. The rooms are really simple and basic, but that’s a good thing. Bath
    Courtesy of : Gogobot written by Anna Page on 11/28/2011.