Evans Pool

7201 East Green Lake Dr N
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 684-4961


  • Swimming, without feeling like a freak!
    So, so, so many people have taken up triathlons. For all outward appearances these are smart, normal people with nice lives. What's even stranger is that more would like to take up triathlons, but they don't because they claim to be afraid…
    Courtesy of : Judy's Book written by Hilary D. on 05/06/2006.
  • I've not used this facility but a friend did
    She took her daughter, about 3 yrs. old, for lessons at this pool at the Green Lake Community Center and really liked it. Soon after completion, the family moved and she then took up at a place somewhere in the Montlake Terrace area and…
    Courtesy of : Judy's Book written by Juli R. on 01/10/2006.
  • less chlorine..
    Compare to the other pools in the Seattle area, Evans pool has the least amount of chlorine. It is much more cleaner and better for everyone to swim in a non-chlorine area. After you get out of the water, you can't feel and smell how much…
    Courtesy of : Judy's Book written by Gabriele N. on 08/14/2005.