Montlake Bicycle Shop

8 star rating
2223 24th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 329-7333

Serving Seattle for 38 years!

Categories : Bicycle Dealers, Bike Rental, Bicycles, Bicycle Repair

Sat 9am-5pm


  • This shop has all I need when it comes to my favorite hobby which is biking. I definitely would be visiting this place from time to time.
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by bettyb1243859098 on 09/18/2016.
  • i recommend that you visit this place
    If you love bikes, i recommend that you visit this place. You'll not get dissapointed with the bikes you can find here. If you are lucky, you might even find an item for sale.
    Courtesy of : Insider Pages written by Wanda A on 07/03/2015.
  • Bad Neighbor
    This is going to sound a bit ridiculous, but I am writing this because the guy who owns the bike shop let's his dog run around the neighborhood, off leash, and it has attacked my dog and drawn blood, several times. When I have reported…
    Courtesy of : Judy's Book written by Bob M. on 08/26/2014.