700 5th Ave 4THFLOOR
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 622-5789


  • Seattle-based coffee chain lures caffeine addicts with upscale roasts, caramel frappuccinos, shaken iced teas and an extra shot of trendiness.
    In Short
    For many, getting their daily jolt of java has become a daily morning ritual, and the cardboard cup with its infamous green label is the close companion of every coffee aficionado. Busy baristas work seamlessly behind…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by Kamila Przybylski on 07/30/2008.
  • Starbucks is good coffee?
    To say Starbucks serves great coffee is like saying that McDonalds serves great hamburgers. Sure it's better than IHOP (who probably serves Starbucks these days) but it's no longer coffee with all the flavoring syrups added to it. Have an…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by Weetus on 06/17/2008.
  • There are better choices!
    Folks, this is Seattle - home of the best coffee in the states. Why go to the standard McCoffee shop (of which there are some 6000 other ones around this globe) when you can go to a genuine coffee cafe where the baristas know how to make a…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by randybr on 05/04/2005.