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  • Corruption, not news.
    The Seattle Times bans people from posting comments for no reason. They only need not to agree with your opinion. They are supposed to be objective. They are not. So therefore, they do not report news; only opinions. The Seattle Times'…
    Courtesy of : Judy's Book written by Andre A. on 08/03/2010.
  • The Seattle Times
    Wow, this paper has lots of adds! You can find anything you are looking for in their Sunday Paper.It also has good news coverage--both worldwide and local. Our delivery person is very reliable and responsible, and that is important.
    Courtesy of : Insider Pages written by Jan b on 08/20/2006.
  • great paper
    This is a great local paper. I appreciate the coverage of local and world events. The 'happenings' keep us up to date on the things going on in the Puget Sound.
    Courtesy of : Insider Pages written by c s on 08/19/2006.