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Kristine Schloer's Gallery

Kristine Schloer was born in 1979 in Southern California where she spent most of her life. In 2004 she moved to Washington where she now resides. Kristine has five siblings, one of which is also an artist. As a young child, Kristine knew she was going to be an artist. Art is her main focus in life and it comes very natural to her. She was taught by her mother and both of her deceased grandmothers, who share the same unique talent.   Kristine’s work is mostly abstract. Using oils to mix all of her own vibrant colors, she makes her beautiful paintings come to life. Kristine has never focused on just one subject matter. Therefore, her works can range anywhere from a big beautiful abstract tree, to bright and full of life Bob Marley, to just simply letting her paintbrush lead the way thru an empty canvas giving it depth, leaving wide vibrant strokes.   Kristine dreams of opening her own art/espresso shop with her paintings on display and free workshops open to the general public. Currently Kristine is working on a series of five new paintings. You can view her progress on her Facebook, a few pieces are on display and for sale at Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop in Goldbar, Wa and you can also view and purchace at her website: www.artid.com/KristineAnn  If you’re interested in contacting Kristine about a certain painting or you have something in mind you’d like her to paint, you can contact her via email : kasgirl79@hotmail.com.  

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